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"Preserving where history happened at Saline Crossing (the first pioneer settlement, circa 1815, in Saline County, Arkansas)"

Join us

We are a not-for-profit, IRS 501(c)(3) foundation chartered in Arkansas. All members and officers are volunteers, serving without pay.

Membership is open to the public by either an annual fee of $10 or a lifetime fee of $100.

Supporting Memberships are:

SILVER.....................$ 250.00

GOLD........................$ 500.00

PLATINUM..............$ 1000.00

Our Vision

The mission of Saline Crossing Regional Park & Recreation Area Inc., is to restore and preserve the Old River Bridge, circa 1891, at the historic Saline Crossing site where the Southwest Trail (Military Road) crosses the Saline River; to develop safe, serviceable, and appropriate public access to the Saline River and the historical area; to create a regional park and recreation area along the Saline River; and to promote appreciation for the historical and ecological significance of both Saline Crossing and the Saline River.

Meeting Times

Next Meeting

-- Always open to the public --


 6:00pm, May 17th, 2022

(First meeting since  Covid-19)


Lynn Moore's Home

(Open House)

1612 Hidden Valley Dr.

Benton, Arkansas

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