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SALINE CROSSING REGIONAL PARK & RECREATION AREA, INC. is an open, grass roots organization organized to establish a process to preserve the Old River Bridge, circa 1891 on the Saline River and establish a significant and fitting public access to William S. Lockhart's historical first pioneer settlement of Saline County, at Saline Crossing.

From the initial meetings in 2008, community interest has been growing and "new" faces have attended most monthly meetings. Currently there are 38 lifetime members who have invested at least $100 each to promote this historically significant project. Mr. Bill White (White Furniture) donated 5 acres of land to the Foundation and an adjoining 5 acres has been bought to increase our land holdings such that we own property on both sides of the river including the placement of the Old River Bridge as well as the original Saline Crossing village location.

Since Saline Crossing was settled in 1815, 2015 is the 200th anniversary of this first Saline County settlement.The grand bicentennial celebration was held during the last week of May, 2015 on the bank of the Saline River.

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Bridge to the Southwest

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